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Information Technology… all the way to the sensor

Company dedicated to the design and marketing of solutions for the integration of industrial machinery with information management systems.

We build tools for access to machine data


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Smart Components

Perinet Premium Reseller, periMICA, periNODE, 3 port periSWITCH,

periLINE, periCORE

End Users

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

The Challenge.Traditional SCADA Solutions. Digital Retrofit With ZentSys

Machine OEMs

Competitive Connected Machines.

More value for your machines

Automation Integrators

Provide Digital Retrofit Solutions to Your Customers

A New Industrial Standard

Flexible Network Topologies
Standard devices… now Intelligent and Active!


Local Information Processing

The ZentEdge machine data server combines an periMICA Edge Computer from Perinet GmbH with a set of ZentSys containers from Zentinel MDS that facilitate the development of machine data acquisition applications.

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Open Data Flow

The ZentFlow container allows the user to develop their own on-machine data management applications

A local SQL Database

The ZentData container features an Open Source PostgreSQL database server optimized for the registration of machine operation data over time.

Immediate Observability

The ZentGraf container in ZentSys allows you to instantly display historical data and real-time data diagrams of machine data, without the need to use external information analysis tools

Choose your development language

The Debian container included in ZentEdge is optimized for the development of local ZentSys applications with access to both historical and real-time data of the machine, using the most appropriate development environments for each application such as Python, R or C++

Use Cases

A manufacturer of consumer goods wants to digitalize the access to information in the machines of its factory.

Manufacturing Lines


Accessing basic production data such as cycle times, temperatures and pressures of each zone or the use of materials from a plastic injection machine is usually difficult,

Injection Molding Digital Retrofit


A packaging machinery OEM has designed a machine information management solution based on a ZentSys system with Perinet periNODEs in Single

Packaging Machines


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